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With Helen Clare

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Join me for the 7 day challenge everone's talking about...

Test, build and integrate strength from the core out - for easier, more efficient, faster, injury-free running!!

Discover how much easier running can feel, when we prepare our body in the right way, with stability, mobility and connection - to make it as efficient as it can be!

See how running progress becomes inevitable (and injuries avoidable!), when we create better movement habits by training our neuro-muscular system in a coordinated, connected way!



What we'll cover in the Core:Connect Challenge

Each day of the challenge you’ll receive: free access to a new daily workshop video! Plus, a live coaching and Q&A session with Helen! You'll discover...

What 'core connection' really means

... and it's more than building strength!

Why good posture really matters

... and why it's the only way to improve run form

Why we must lead with our backside!

... how your glutes are the key to efficient running

Why our hips should steer us straight

... and how this protects your knees!

Why core stability is crucial

... to supercharge your running body!

Why we need to twist!

... save energy, run easier, further and faster

Not your regular yoga challenge!

but more of an educational experience, that helps create new, improved habits...

In the daily workshops I'll be sharing my knowledge of functional movement and natural running technique - and teaching you just how yoga can help us create new and improved movement and postural habits, to set us up for efficient running!

I'll teach you a series of yoga poses and exercises with a particular focus each day. These poses will be suitable for most runners in good health and fitness. 

You are always responsible for your own health and wellbeing, so move with awareness and only do what feels good. If you have a current injury or complaint take extra caution if you choose to participate in the practical elements. 

This challenge is for you if…

... you're a runner, of any level, wanting to optimise your time in our current situation - to enhance your running body!

To come to back to proper training with optimised strength, mobility and coordination, that this challenge will set you on the path to!

To discover the potential that your body has, to not only achieve your running goals, but avoid injury along the way!

"When our body is connected, from the core out, switched on and ready to fire in the right way, our movements become safe and controlled. Our spine is protected and we have much, much lower risk of any running related injury."


Who am I...


Yoga teacher and runner, I live in Cornwall, UK, where I can regularly be found running the coastal trails. Founder of Run Better with Yoga, guiding runners of all levels to move more efficiently, with my unique integrated approach to yoga and natural running technique: to increase stability and mobility for easier, faster and injury-free running.

HELEN CLARE Senior Yoga Teacher, Natural Running Technique Coach, Yoga for Athletes Coach


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Register to take part, we start September 28th!